Coupe de l'Avenir sports racer (1975 - 77)

This rear-engined car, about 20 of which were built, was designed to take part in the series of circuit races organised by Echappement magazine , which later evolved into the Simca Racing team series under Chrysler France's auspices.

Chassis: steel "central backbone" type,fibreglass bodywork. Suspension: Simca 1000 Rallye 2 all round. Engine: Simca. Gearbox: Simca Rallye 2. Weight 520kgs. 1976 kit price: 8500 French Francs.

  Two rear bodywork versions: one flat with wheels exposed, the other "domed" over the engine, and with wheels covered.


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Coupe de l'Avenir sports racer (1978 - 81)


Chassis: Steel tube with riveted aluminium panels. Engine and Gearbox : Simca Rallye 2 Bodywork similar as Barquette AM78 about 10 of which were built .

Pilote : P.Ginet