Coupé BARZOI 1967-69

This was the first version of the Barzoi, and was derived from the FM 01 Barquette. About 30 were produced.

Chassis: steel, tubular. Body: fibreglass. Suspensions: derived from Renault 8 ( rear wishbone suspension was available as an option). Engine: Renault, from 998cc to 1600 cc, mid-mounted, with an inverted Renault gearbox mounted at rear.

Length: 3.60m. Width: 1.56m. Height: 0.98m. Wheelbase: 2.27m. Track, front and rear: 1.36m ( though this varied depending on wheel spec.). Weight: 540kg. 1969 kit price: 7000Francs (with 1000Francs supplement for optional wishbone rear suspension).

Rear deck: flat (derived from Barquette FM 01), with 'reverse sloping' rear window.


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